Special Services » Services


Support Services

  • Special Equipment / Supplies
  • Assistive Technology
  • Consultation / Monitoring
  • Assessment of Student
  • Direct Contact with Teacher
  • Programming, Training, Follow up


  • Direct Instruction to Student in Regular Education
  • Class, Consultation and Materials Support

Speech / Language

  • Direct Instruction to Student in Regular Education
  • Class or Speech Therapy Room, Consultation and
    Materials Support

Specialized Instruction

  • Direct Instruction to Student in Lab or Small Group Setting
  • Consultation and Materials Support

Related Services

  • Physical/Occupational Therapy, Orientation/Mobility,
  • Behavior Management, Social Services
  • School to Work
  • Exploration of Employment Skills on Campus,
  • Community Based Work Experience
  • Parent Training
  • Special Transportation

Alternative Placements

  • Special Education Class for Behavior Management,
  • Modified Resource Class,
  • Comprehensive Development Class


  • Direct Instruction to Student on a Temporary Basis