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Welcome to Transportation Department

The Bradley County Schools Department of Transportation considers it a privilege to be entrusted to transport the students of Bradley County daily.  It is our goal to have the most productive, efficient, and safest school bus delivery system ever.  We can accomplish this goal by working together to ensure that all students are ready for school each day and are fully prepared to actively participate in the learning process.  Our drivers and support personnel are some of the best available and we are dedicated to providing transportation services to all eligible students.  Remember, the school bus has been proven beyond question to be the safest mode of ground transportation available.  I challenge you to assist us in attaining our goal by having your students at our bus stops on time each day and ready to learn.  The Bradley County Schools Transportation Department is pleased to serve you and your students.  Together, we can assure a brighter future for our students.
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Bus Zone Locator 

Use this link or the list below to find what bus picks up students on your road. 

Find my Bus! 

Please be aware that some roads listed in the database are the city/county boundary. 
If you live in the city you are not zoned for a county school bus.

INSTRUCTIONS:  On the Bus Locator Page, type your address into the Search Bar on the right.