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School Attendance

The purpose of the Attendance Department of Bradley County Schools is to enforce compliance of the Tennessee State Compulsory Attendance Law regarding student attendance and truancy. The goal is to ensure that students succeed in their education by maintaining optimal attendance to learn the materials being taught and that any at-risk students also achieve success in their learning career by using various alternatives to keep them in school. 

Student Management 
Bradley County Schools also includes the District's Student Management division in the Attendance Department. The Student Management Coordinator monitors and maintains accurate reporting between the Student Management Program and EIS. The Coordinator manages, verifies, and approves data for district calendars, state funding and attendance reports, discipline report, enrollment records, academic history, instructional program tables, teacher information, special programs (free/reduced lunch, Title I, migrant, Pre-K, special education, ELL, homeless), and State Transportation Report for bus funding. Additionally, the Student Management Coordinator provides continued communication and training for all administrators and Student Management System personnel, as well as serves as liason between Bradley County School District and State Department of Education, Public Consulting Group, and Century Consultants regarding Student Management System.