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Welcome to Energy Management

The goal of the Energy Management Department is to analyze/evaluate energy usage in Bradley County Schools and to implement a plan to best maximize energy usage and expenditures. The savings generated by the energy program then flow back into the schools to enhance instruction. In 1999, Bradley County Schools became the first school system in the state of Tennessee to have a full-time Energy Management & Conservation Program and Energy Manager. Since its inception, Bradley County Schools has saved 32% in energy cost avoidance which amounts to almost $16 million. Although facilities have increased by 40% (square footage), Bradley County Schools are still using less Natural Gas, Propane Gas, and water than we did prior to 1999. And Bradley County Schools uses less energy per square foot in all utilities (electricity, natural gas, propane gas, water, and sewer) than it did prior to 1999.

The Energy Program primarily focuses on unoccupied times within schools to make sure equipment is shutdown; however, it also looks for ways to conserve energy during occupied times such as HVAC run times & set points, demand control, etc. The department is also involved with the continual procurement of equipment within the schools that affect energy consumption. Bradley County Schools has received many accolades over the years including the Founders Circle Award for Energy Excellence, the Energy Manager of the Year Award for Region 2 of the Southeastern United States awarded by the Association of Energy Engineers, and the Tennessee Educator of the Year by the Tennessee Environmental Health Association. 

The energy program is also a benefit to the environment as the reduction of kilowatt hours, natural gas, and propane gas consumption collectively cut carbon dioxide emissions. Bradley County Schools has eliminated over 89,369 metric tons of carbon dioxide, which is the equivalent of removing 16,041 cars of highways or planting 228,589 trees annually. Bradley County Schools has a new energy project in 2016-2017 as it partners with Energy Systems Group (ESG) in a $16.2 million dollar Energy Efficiency and Building Upgrades Project. The following link will direct you to the specifics and progress of the project:  ESG