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Welcome to the Office of Elementary Instruction

Supervisor of Elementary Education Sheena Newman

elcome to the Elementary Education Site for Bradley County Schools.

It is critical in elementary school to begin laying the foundation for excellence as soon as children enter the school doors.  Our teachers and administrators are committed to meeting these challenges by making every moment count.  In order for students to be successful, it takes parents, teachers, principals, and communities working together as partners.  

Our elementary schools are dedicated to providing each child a rigorous academic program coupled with a strong character education program.  The system has eleven elementary schools serving grades K-5.  There are 15 Pre-K programs across the county.  With a student population of over 4400 students in kindergarten through fifth grades, we are passionate about educating the leaders of tomorrow.  We believe the way to prepare students for their role in the future is to allow them the opportunity to practice their leadership skills today.  Not only do we want students to be able to compete in the global job market but to do so with high moral standards and values.   Character education is a part of every day in elementary schools.

The mission of the Bradley County School System is to provide educational opportunities for every student to excel.  Our Vision: Growing Students - Building Futures

Our greatest asset as a school system is our wonderful teaching faculty and staff. 

Educators, whose life work is to see students succeed and whose passion drives them to excellence in all they do, provide the foundation of our educational program.  Our wonderful teachers and staff are the reason our students succeed.  Going above and beyond is the norm in our school system. We are truly blessed to have such dedicated professionals molding the future of our nation and world. 

Bradley County Schools proudly provide students in PreK-5 a rigorous and highly successful reading program.    
Open Court Reading builds a strong foundation in reading that ensures active learning and participation by all students. 
As we strive to meet the needs of today’s students, Bradley County teachers utilize the research based resources and digital instruction provided to effectively build a foundation for lifelong learning.  Instructional coaches in each school provide teachers ongoing training in the use of the most current, cutting-edge, research-based BEST practices in reading instruction.
Quality Reading instruction teaches our students HOW to read, but reading practice makes them better readers! The Accelerated Reader Program allows students the opportunity to practice their reading skills.  This practice helps students acquire vocabulary and comprehension skills which assists students in becoming more proficient readers, writers, and communicators.
We encourage every parent to READ 20 minutes daily with their children. 

Bradley County has put a laser-like focus on math instruction.  Curriculum Associates "Ready" math curriculum is used throughout the county.  Teachers receive ongoing training on math instructional strategies to hone their skills in teaching math creatively and interactively across the curriculum.  Helping students develop problem-solving skills is a focus.

 “Math Facts in a Flash” is a program initiated throughout the county which focuses on students learning basic math facts.  Parents are encouraged to work 10 minutes each evening to help students master math facts.   Students who master math facts are able to complete problems with greater speed and accuracy. 

In order to be successful in the 21st century students must develop their skill in the use of technology.  Each elementary classroom in Bradley County has a Promethean Interactive Board used for hands-on delivery of instruction.  In addition, student computers, iPads, and document cameras are used to enhance instruction.  Computer labs are the norm in elementary classrooms around the county.  Technology is used on a regular basis to enhance teaching in all subject areas.  Technology Coaches provide job-embedded training for elementary teachers in using technology effectively in the classroom.
Character education is a part of every day in all elementary schools.  The program has taken on a new focus with “LEADERS for Life” being implemented in all elementary classrooms.  Students are engaging in the study of leadership.  We believe that each student comes to us with special gifts and talents.  Our mission is to develop the talents and gifts in every child.  Through the “LEADERS for Life” program each child is given the opportunity to become a leader in their own right.   Our goal is to prepare students to meet the challenges of the 21st century and take their place as world leaders.  To learn more about the program, please visit our website:  www.voyagetogreatness.com . 
Physical Education is a vital part of our school program.  The health of our students has a direct connection to their ability to learn and be successful in school.  Bradley County Schools is excited to celebrate the implementation of our nationally known physical education curriculum, SPARK.  We are continuing to develop the PE4Life philosophy in our schools throughout the system.  Our goal is to introduce students to physical activities that will help them remain active and fit throughout their lives. This is one of the ways we are leading the fight against childhood obesity in our community.

Bradley County is the home of sixteen Pre-K programs located throughout the county. 

Head Start/Pre-K is a voluntary pre-school program offered through funds from the Federal government and the state of Tennessee.  Priority is given to children from low income families, children with special needs, and English language learners.  Children must be four years old on or before August 15 to enter the program.  A limited number of slots are available for three-year-olds at some locations.  To enroll, children must be three on or before August 15.  Services offered include hearing, vision, and developmental screenings, social services, and parent trainings.  These services are offered free of charge.


Applications are now being accepted for Bradley County Head Start/Pre-K

Applications are available at local schools, the health department and Family Resource Agency located at 3680 Michigan Avenue Road.  For more information call 423-479-4210. 

Kindergarten Registration for the 2018-2019 school year will begin with our annual "Kindergarten Rocks" celebration on Tuesday, March 6th, 2018 at local elementary schools at 5:00 pm.   If you miss this registration date, you may register your child by going to your local school.  To register for  Kindergarten, parents will need to bring:  Child's Birth Certificate and  Social Security Number.  Proof of Immunization must be provided before beginning school.  (Please click on Kindergarten in the menu to the left to access a copy of the kindergarten screening tool.)
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