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Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology is any device or service that improves or maintains the functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities.

Bradley County Schools Assistive Technology team strives to enable students with disabilities to achieve by providing them access to assistive technology devices and/or services needed in order to progress in their educational programs.
Types of Assistive Technology
*Low Tech Examples (not all inclusive & subject to evaluation)
Electric scissors Magnetic board/letters
Loop scissors  Colored acetate
Velcro Adapted utensils
Seating Book stand
Highlighted Keyboard Wrist rest
Highlighters Headpointer
PVC pipe Post-it notes
Pillows Stickers
Writing utensils Chair with arms
Pencil grips Weights
Modified paper Weighted vests
*Mid/High Tech Examples (not all inclusive & subject to evaluation)
Adapted play equipment Talking calculator
Tape recorder Hand-held note taker
NCR paper Books on tape
Magnifiers Franklin dictionary/speller
Switches  Switch toys
Communication board  Schedules
Adapted books Personal FM Systems
Braille writer Slate & stylus
Scooter boards Walkers
Outdoor adaptations Ramps
Lifts Alpha smart
Straps Trays
Seat belts Toilet seats
Big Mac Head phone
*Computers (not all inclusive & subject to evaluation)
Lap tops PC
Adapted keyboard Large monitor
Printer Scanner
Screen magnification Braille embosser
Touch Screen Intellikeys
Track balls Joy stick
Mouse alternatives Keyboard guards
Mounting devices Speech recognition software