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Goals 2023 - Instructional Technology Department

Growing Students. Building Futures

Mission Statement: Instructional Technology Department’s purpose is to give ALL Bradley County Schools students the best opportunity to succeed in the 21st Century classroom and beyond through the use of technology.

Instructional Technology Department Goals:

1. Annual review of all infrastructure to meet the demands of a 21st Century classroom in a 1:1 device environment.
  • Evaluate annually District needs for Bandwidth, Wireless, Network Switches, Servers, Fiber, and cabling.
  • Maintain and monitor all software updates and upgrades
  • LMS and SIS evaluation and integration with all current platforms
2. 1:1 student device environment for all Bradley County students with comprehensive refresh program - District take over of purchasing technology hardware.
  • District provided 1:1 student device environment for all Bradley County students with four year recycle program for standardized student devices.
  • Establish parameters for teacher/staff refresh program including computers, interactive panels, and accessories.
  • District and school level management of devices, policies, and installation of programs and apps.
  • Develop and maintain a list of available free WIFI/Hotspot locations for students who have limited/no access to the Internet at home.

3. Communication upgrades across all forms of electronic communications, social media, and VOIP (Voice over IP) with archivability to meet the needs of parents, guardians, staff, and students.
  • Evaluate methods of delivering information to parents, guardians, staff, and students including website and social media.
  • Consistent updating of information to the website and social media.
  • Training for all on the best practices for using website and social media.
  • Monitor and maintain VOIP service including all related devices.
4. Allow students to perform safely in a 21st Century classroom - both inside and outside of school.
  • Monitor student use of technology with appropriate software for cloud-based filtering, cyberbullying/self-harm notifications, parent monitoring, and school/student level reporting.
  • Establish a comprehensive Digital Citizenship program for all students
  • Establish school level best practices for monitoring student activity based on grade level.
  • Allow teachers to monitor student activity in real time in the classroom.

5. Ongoing training for students, teachers, and staff in the latest technologies and programs for improved student achievement and to meet established district goals. Improve parent/guardian understanding of technology used in the district through training opportunities. Provide professional development opportunities for Instructional Technology staff to stay current on latest trends. Evaluate technology needs in the district through surveys and the Technology Task Force.
  • BCS Technology Website - Repository of Resources - technology training and curriculum resources.
  • District-wide Technology Training Calendar with Monthly Trainings Available
  • Summer Summit each year
  • Google Certification Academy
  • Cohorts of teachers from each school identified - monthly trainings at that school
  • Technology PLC’s at every school each semester.
  • Badging program for training staff with student evidence
  • Parent/Guardian training workshops - Google, Communication Apps, Social Media, etc.
  • Work with Instructional staff on creating open resource content available to staff
  • Establish grade level student technology skill expectations.
  • New teacher technology training
  • Professional Development for Instructional Technology staff - FETC, ISTE, TCEA
  • Annual technology needs assessment of district employees.
  • Continued implementation of the Technology Task Force - Training, Digital Citizenship, Blended Learning, and Equipment.

6. Increase personnel to meet the demands of expanding the technology footprint throughout the district while offering work-based learning opportunities for IT CTE program concentrators.
  • Dedicated Technology Coach for all schools with additions to be added in secondary first.
  • Additional Technicians/Contract positions increased to meet the demands of the increased device count.
  • Continued development of student-based tech helpdesk at both high schools.
  • Establish Work-Based Learning opportunities for IT focused high school students

“It’s not about equipment...It’s about students and instruction.”