Coordinated School Health


Coordinated School Health (CSH) is an effective system designed to connect health and wellness with learning. This coordinated approach provides ways to improve children's health and wellness and improve their capacity to learn through providing ways to engage their brains during the time they spend in our classrooms and at home.

The involvement of parents, families and community is the glue that binds the CSH. Full involvement from each group, working together as partners in the educational process,  provides valuable inp and ensures a positive educational and health outcomes.

Coordinated School Health is not a program.  It is a systematic approach to promoting student health that emphasizes needs assessment; planning based on data, sound science, and analysis in school health programming; and evaluation.

The CSH approach consists of eight major components as you will see below.   By definition, all Coordinated School Health Components work together to improve the lives of students, faculty, and their families.  Although these components are listed separately, it is their composite that allows CSH to have significant impact.

The eight components include: Health education, Health services, Counseling, Psychological and Social Services, Nutrition, Physical education/Physical activity,  Staff wellness, Healthy school environment and Student/ Parent/Community involvement.