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Board of Education Goals

As required by Board Policy 1.700

We are committed to the success of all students through increased student achievement, parent and community involvement, safe schools, accountability, and effective allocation of resources. The district is lead by seven elected board members and the Director of Schools, Dr. Linda Cash.

Vision Statement: Every citizen of Bradley County is an advocate of education.

Mission Statement: To inform and influence our community by “telling our story” and working together.

  • Promote a safe, clean, and efficient environment that facilitates learning in all schools.
  • Expect academic growth of all students through implementation of a system of high standards and accountability.
  • Recruit and retain effective, highly qualified Teachers and Administrators by ensuring a system of support, training, and competitive salary and benefits.
  • Implement a comprehensive plan that provides clear and open lines of communication between the School Board and Central Office Staff, as well as, effective communication among school system staff, parents, and the community.
Bradley County School Board Strategic Commitments

1. Measure Return on Investment

2. Invest in Infrastructure

3. Tell the Bradley County Schools Story

4. Improve Teacher Morale

5. Collaborate with our County Commission