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Response to Intervention
Bradley County Schools is focused on intervening at the first signs of academic challenges—often called a Response to Intervention (RTI) method—to address deficits in student learning. In our school district,RTI we have Response to Instruction and Intervention (RTI²) for grades K-5, which is Tennessee’s academic three-tiered framework for teaching and learning that begins with high-quality, differentiated instruction throughout the day and emphasizes intervening with students when they first start to struggle to avoid prolonged academic difficulties.
School-Based Identification for Students with Characteristics of Dyslexia
Bradley County Schools is dedicated to ensuring suitable learning opportunities for students exhibiting characteristics of dyslexia (COD). Through a comprehensive universal screening process involving assessments and data analysis, students in need of targeted assistance in reading are identified. The district offers a wide range of targeted interventions and employs highly trained personnel to address specific deficit areas, facilitating gap closures and enhancing classroom learning. Utilizing data analysis through school-based data teams, the district determines appropriate next steps for students displaying dyslexic tendencies. Parents are promptly informed of assessment outcomes, ensuring proper placement and increasing the likelihood of student success. Prioritizing early intervention, our goal is to identify characteristics of dyslexia in students as early as possible, preventing difficulties and significantly improving the prospects of reading success for those facing this challenge.
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