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District Plan English as a Second Language

Bradley County Schools provides services for English Language Learners (ELL) who have been identified, assessed, and placed in an appropriate English language educational program, according to the state and local requirements for servinESLg Limited English Proficient students. Just like their peers, ELL students are entitled to receive a free and appropriate public education.

The purpose of the Limited English Proficient Program is to develop students' cognitive academic language proficiency skills as well as basic interpersonal skills in English. Program objectives are that students can effectively participate in the educational program conducted exclusively in English and meet promotion and graduation standards and assessments.

All Limited English Proficient students are integrated into the regular educational framework at the grade level appropriate for their age. Those identified as needing English language support based on their proficiency test scores receive ELL services. Placement decisions for ELL programs consider both the student's linguistic proficiency and academic performance. Each school provides certified ELL teachers dedicated to serving these students, with the number of instructional hours tailored to individual needs. Additionally, mainstream teachers receive training in instructional strategies for teaching LEP students. English Language Learners are held to the same rigorous learning standards as all other students.
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