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Read 20

What is Read 20?

Read 20 is dedicated to creating a strong community of readers by promoting the importance of reading with children from birth at least 20 minutes a day.
It’s Magic. Read to them and they learn to read.
There’s a LOT of research on this and it’s clear: if you read to a child at least 20 minutes a day three times a week from a very early age, he or she will:

Be ready for school, Get better grades throughout school, Get a better job, Be more likely to succeed in life, Be happier as an adult, with higher self-esteem.

Kindergarten is too late!

Kindergarten Screening Tool
Start as soon as your child is born. (Well, okay, maybe the next day.) Reading and talking with a child – even an infant – helps develop a healthy brain and lays the foundation for learning to read when the child enters school. 

A child’s brain develops at an incredible rate during the first three years of life. They are developing basic thinking skills even when they are learning how to roll over, crawl and walk. Those who are not exposed to letters, numbers and social skills (like taking turns and saying “please”) start school a full year and a half behind other children. And when you start behind like that, it’s really hard to catch up!