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Voyage to Greatness

LEADERS for Life is Bradley County's innovative leadership initiative in grades K-5. Join us on our webpage
LEADERS for LIFE . . . Voyage to Greatness

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, become more, you are a leader.”
- John Quincy Adams

The mission of Bradley County Schools is to make certain students have a quality education and opportunities to excel. But the mission does not stop there. It is imperative to address the needs of the whole child to be certain students succeed.

The Bradley County School System has taken a unique path to make certain students have the life skills, character, and education they need to be successful citizens. When school begins, in addition to a rigorous academic program, elementary students in Bradley County will take part in a cutting-edge leadership program. LEADERS for Life…Voyage to Greatness, based upon eight Leadership Principles for Sailing, is focused on building leaders in the present in preparation for the future.

Students will learn the principles of leadership, write mission statements, and set goals for the upcoming year. Leader Ship Logs (data notebooks) will be used to track students’ progress toward meeting their goals. All students will be assigned leadership roles in the classroom and given opportunities to lead. Students will take ownership of their education by taking part in Student-led Conferences and sharing their progress with parents through their Leader Ship Logs.

The READ 20 initiative (reading 20 minutes a day) marries well with the goals of the leadership program, which emphasizes becoming a lifelong learner. “Leaders Are Readers” will become a reoccurring theme throughout the school year.