Bradley County Schools posts a Level 4 District Level TVAAS Composite Score

 “I am pleased to report that our District Level TVAAS Composite score is a level 4,” stated Dr. Linda Cash, Director of Bradley County Schools.  “A score of ‘4’ is considered above average effectiveness where there is moderate evidence that our students are making more progress than the Standard for Academic Growth. This is the third year in a row the district has posted a TVAAS  Composite score that is above average effectiveness since beginning with the new and more rigorous TNReady Assessments. We are growing students and building futures in Bradley County.”

 Four schools received Level 5 status: Bradley Central High School, Charleston Elementary School, Oak Grove Elementary School and Walker Valley High School. 

Three schools received Level 4 status- Prospect Elementary, Park View Elementary and Lake Forest Middle School. 

We are very proud of the efforts of these schools as they work to support the district in growing students.

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