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When you click on the link, on the line that says 'Public Search' click on the 'Search Licenses' button. You will be prompted to enter a few letters of the teacher's name. Under the name, you will see an icon that says 'I'm not a robot'. Click on the icon and follow the directions. This will get you into the website and you can find the certification information you are seeking.
Link to Tennessee Department of Education State Report Card
Bradley County Schools Supply - Elementary School 2019-2020
Bradley County Schools Supply List - Middle School 2019-2020
Bradley County Schools Supply - High School 2019-2020
The fact is, every responsible parent is concerned about their children's safety. At the same time, it is important for kids to socialize at a young age and be able to have a certain level of freedom to grow and develop independence. It's all about finding a healthy balance, which can be tough. While ideal, constantly keeping your eyes peeled on your kids may not always be plausible. The good news is, you can implement some basic safety rules for your children to abide by. This will help them become more aware of how they can protect themselves when you are not around.