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Transfer Form within Bradley County Schools

If you would like to transfer from one Bradley County School to another Bradley County School, please complete this Transfer Form. Required fields marked with an asterisk *

School your student currently attends:*
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Grade Level for 2020-2021*
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School you would like your student to transfer to for 2020-2021*
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Parent's Current Address

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Thank you for registering your student with Bradley County Schools.  The principal or designee of the school you are applying to attend will contact you soon.

Requirements for students transferring from one Bradley County School to another Bradley County School:

Immunization Record on a TN Certificate of Immunization

Custody Paperwork – if needed

Proof of Address – must show parent name and service connection address

Withdrawal form from the previous school

Student Transcript (Grades 10-12) or Report Card (Grade 9 and below)

Complete Course Selection Form (Grades 6-12)

Proof of Birth, one of the following forms:

  • Birth Certificate – issued by a government
  • Passport issued by any nation (translated)
  • Immigration documentation
  • Decree of adoption issued by a court
  • Other official documentation showing date of birth and parent’s name (refer to board policy 6.203)

Requested if available:

  • Child’s Social Security Card
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