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Registration Information

Bradley County students complete a pre-registration form at the end of each school year to register them for the upcoming school year.  If you did not complete the registration form at the end of 2017-18 school year, please contact the main office of the school your child will attend to be sure they have them registered. 

If you are new to Bradley County Schools, you will make contact with the main office of the school you are zoned for or the school you would like your child to attend.  You can find a list of schools and the contact information by clicking on SCHOOLS > List of Schools > pick a school.   To find the school you are zoned for, please go to SCHOOLS > Bus Locator. or click here - Bradley County School Bus Locator

Please complete the form below or click on the form name to open in another tab. This is an editable PDF. If the form is not editable, please refresh the page. This form is best edited in the Chrome browser. Once all information is entered into the form, please save the form as a PDF (Click print and save as PDF). Save the completed form on your computer and email to the school.