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Blackboard Opt Out/Opt In Procedures

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Blackboard Phone Opt-In/Out Procedures

Blackboard Phone Opt-out/Opt In Procedures

Recipients cannot opt out of Emergency Calls using either the touch-tone opt-out or the Opt-out Hotline

Attendance calls are considered emergency in the sense that they affect student safety.

Message Type

Delivered To

Opt-Out Footer


Live Person



Voice Mail



Live Person

Outreach Live Person To opt-out of information calls, press 1 or call 855-502-7867.


Voice Mail

To opt-out of future messages call 855-502-7867.


Opt-out Footers

Opt-out footers are included in any non-emergency message. These footers allow recipients to opt-out via touch-tone by pressing 1 when the system recognizes a “live” person has answered the phone. If the system detects an answering device a message will be played directing the recipient to call the Blackboard Opt-out Hotline. Opt-out footers will be played in Spanish for Spanish messages and in English for all other messages.


Live Answer Prompts

To repeat this message, press *.

To opt-out of informational calls, press 1 or call 855-502-7867.

You are now opted out of informational calls.


Answering Machine Prompts

To opt-out of future messages call 855-502-7867.


Note: Opt-out footers are not included when delivering phone messages to extensions, international numbers, and TTY devices.


Opt-in/Opt-out Hotline

855-502-STOP (855-502-7867)

Recipients can call the Blackboard Opt-out Hotline anytime to opt-out of informational calls or to opt-back into calls. The hotline is available in both English and Spanish and can be used even if no calls/texts have been placed to the recipient’s number.

Thank you for calling the notification opt-out hotline.

Para Espanol oprima 7.

We recognized your number as xxx-xxx-xxxx.

To opt out of informational calls, press 1.

If you have previously opted out and wish to resume receiving calls, press 2.

To repeat this menu, press 9.

To change opt-out preferences for another number, please call back using the phone associated with that number.


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