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Health Care is Closer Than You Think!


Ronald McDonald Care Mobile: 7:30-3:30

Monday: Lake Forest Middle School

Tuesday: Stuart Elementary

Wednesday: Lake Forest Middle School

Thursday: Blythe-Bower Elementary

Friday: Waterville Elementary



Waterville Elementary School Clinic: 08:00-3pm



Telemedicine: Ask your school nurse for a demo: Specialized equipment allows our Practitioners to view the inside of throats and ears remotely. We also link stethoscopes for the transmission of heart and lung sounds at a distance.

Schools with telemedicine can test for Strep, Flu, and run urinalysis in the school nurses offices.

Telemedicine Schools include:

Bradley County: Black Fox Elementary, Charleston Elementary, Parkview Elementary, Prospect Elementary, Taylor Elementary, Waterville Elementary

Cleveland City: Arnold Elementary, Blythe Bower Elementary, Cleveland High School, Cleveland Middle School, E.L. Ross Elementary, Yates Primary, Mayfield Elementary, and Stuart Elementary

Polk County: Copper Basin Elementary, Benton Elementary, Chilhowee Middle


We hope you stay healthy but care is close at hand for those who need it.   

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