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Department of ED Terminates Statewide Assessment Contract



NASHVILLE— Education Commissioner Candice McQueen announced today the department will terminate its

statewide testing contract with Measurement Inc., effective immediately. While high school testing will continue as

planned, the state will suspend grade 3-8 testing during the 2015-16 school year due to Measurement Inc.’s inability to

deliver all testing materials.

After revising their shipping schedule for a third time this month, the state’s testing vendor, Measurement Inc., failed to

meet its most recent deadline. As of this morning, all districts were still waiting on some grade 3-8 materials to arrive

with a total of two million documents yet to be shipped. In February, the department was forced to move from the

originally planned online assessment delivery to a paper-based format due to the failure of the vendor’s online


“Measurement Inc.’s performance is deeply disappointing. We’ve exhausted every option in problem solving with this

vendor to assist them in getting these tests delivered,” Commissioner Candice McQueen said. “Districts have exceeded

their responsibility and obligation to wait for grade 3-8 materials, and we will not ask districts to continue waiting on a

vendor that has repeatedly failed us.”

If districts have received materials for a complete grade or subject in grades 3-8 (i.e. fifth-grade math), they will have

the option to administer that specific grade or subject level; however, the department will only be able to deliver limited

student performance information for these particular grades and subjects. High school tests will be fully scored, and

these results will be delivered later this fall.

“Challenges with this test vendor have not diverted us from our goals as a state. Tennessee has made historic and

tremendous growth over the past several years. Higher standards and increased accountability have been a key part of

this progress,” Commissioner McQueen said. “Our work toward an aligned assessment plays a critical role in ensuring

that all students are continuing to meet our high expectations and are making progress on their path to postsecondary

and the workforce.”

Flexibility that has already been provided for teacher evaluation through recent legislation will remain. If a teacher has

TNReady data, in this case high school teachers, TNReady data will only be used if it helps the teacher. If a teacher

does not have TNReady data, their evaluation will rely on data from prior years.

The department is currently working with the state’s Central Procurement Office to expedite the selection of a vendor

for both the scoring of this year’s high school assessment and the development of next year’s test. The department

has also been in close contact with the United States Department of Education to ensure that Tennessee is in

compliance with federal requirements and will continue to work with them on this issue.

TNReady, the state’s new assessment in math and English language arts in grades 3-11, was designed to be

administered in two parts. Part I was given in late February and early March, and Part II was scheduled to begin on

April 25.

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