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September 2010 CTE Student/Non-Traditional Student of the Month

CTE Students of the Month - September 2010
 Student of the Month Non-Traditional Student

 Nick Kitchens

Walker Valley

High School

Health Science


 Ariel Crye

 Bradley Central

High School



 September 2010 - Student of the Month - Nick Kitchens, Walker Valley Health Sciences Department

September 2010 - Non-Traditional Student of the Month - Ariel Crye, Bradley Central Marketing Department

My name is Ariel Crye and I am a sophomore at Bradley Central High School.  My classes this year are Marketing 1, Geometry Honors, Biology 1 Honors, French 1 and 2, Rock Band, Criminal Justice, and English 10 Honors.  I am involved in Beta Club and DECA.

 This school year I am taking classes that will help me reach my aspiration of becoming a nuclear engineer.   My marketing courses are helping me prepare by teaching me about legal and ethical situations that go on in companies and how to take care of them; it also teaches you how to act and dress professionally for an interview.  After taking the length of time I have had of this class, I could create a plausibly successful marketing and advertising plan for a company.

 The courses I am taking are also helping me become bolder and speak out about things I believe in.  I will be taking many more science and math classes through my last two years of high school to help me become the best engineer I can be.

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