Multiple Disabilities
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1. Definition

Multiple Disabilities means concomitant impairments (such as Intellectual disability-Deafness, Intellectual disability-Orthopedic Impairment), the combination of which causes such severe educational needs that they cannot be accommodated by addressing only one of the impairments. The term does not include Deaf-Blindness.

2. Evaluation

The characteristics as identified in the Multiple Disabilities Definition are present.

Evaluation Procedures

Evaluation of Multiple Disabilities shall include the following:

a. Evaluation, following the procedures for each disability;

b. Determination of eligibility based on the definition and standards for two or more disabilities;

c. The nature of the combination of the student’s disabilities require significant developmental and educational programming that cannot be accommodated with special education programs by addressing any one of the identified disabilities; and

d. Documentation, including observation and/or assessment, of how Multiple Disabilities adversely impact the child’s educational performance in his/her environment.

Evaluation Participants

Information shall be gathered from those persons designated for each disability included in the evaluation of Multiple Disabilities.