Computer Naming Convention for BCS
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Computer Naming Convention for BCS
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BCS Computer Naming Convention


Workstations operating on the Bradley County Schools are to be named according to the following scheme:




SS =

Two character site code (from the   table on the next page)



RR =

Room number (Minimum two digit   room number…01, 02, 03). If a room number is not appropriate, a department   abbreviation could be used (AD = Administrative office, AO = Attendance   Office, CT = Career Tech, GO = Guidance Office, FS = Food Service, GYM = GYM,   FA = Fine Arts, MC = Media Center/Library…etc)



X   is

T = Teacher, S = Student, L = Lab,   LT = Laptop, C = Computer, TB = Tablet (S and C have been used   interchangeably in the past. Maybe   let’s all decide on one?)



NN =

Two digit sequence number of the   computer in the room (01, 02, 03,…etc)




This is for a laptop assigned to a   person. Always use First initial of   first name, and first three of Last name.   (Scott Humberd is SHUM, Ruth Ann White is RWHI, Yvonne Chastain is   YCHA) As ridiculous as it looks at   times, keeping them short and sortable is the key.



Reimaging and naming in advance can lead to inconsistent. A number may be added to the end in this event as to not impact the current, in use computer. The PC may be renamed later or kept as is. So BC-AD-GGER-LT becomes BC-AD-GGER-LT01, then his next refresh can roll back to BC-AD-GGER.



Workstation names must not exceed fifteen characters and must consist of alphanumeric characters and hyphens (underscores can cause issues with DNS).

AE – Adult Education

BC – Bradley Central

BF – Black Fox

CE – Charleston

CO – Central Office

GA – Goal Academy

HE – Hopewell

LF – Lake Forest

MA – Michigan Avenue

MD – Maintenance Dept.

NL – North Lee

OG – Oak Grove

OM – Ocoee Middle

PE – Prospect

PV – Park View

TD – Tech Dept.

TE – Taylor

VS – Virtual School

VV – Valley View

WC – Waterville

WV – Walker Valley

Some examples to consider:


Walker Valley, Admin Office, Beth Burrell, Desktop                       WV-AD-BBUR

Bradley Central, Guidance Office, Robin Laxton, Laptop                BC-GO-RLAX-LT

Oak Grove, Mobile Cart 2, Laptop 7                                                  OG-ML2-LT07

Maintenance Dept, Chuck McKay, Desktop                                      MD-CMCK

Waterville, Special Services, Rebecca Bacon, room 107?                  WC-SS-RBAC

Some PCs in Bacon’s room at Waterville for student use                  WC-SS-107-S01

Bradley Central, Media Center, Computer Lab, PC #30                   BC-MC-L30