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Shayla Ward, Student Representative

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BCHS FCCLA 2015 March Report


Happy Spring Everyone!


Mrs. Kersey's, Teaching As A Profession Class recently went to Lake Forest for a day and taught  lessons on Tobacco Prevention as part of a grant from the Bradley County Health Department.  The lesson covered cigarettes, dipping, second hand smoke and the trend of e-cigarettes.  Students covered the dangers of tobacco and the costs involved in the addiction. We shared that many people think e-cigs will help stop smoking when in actuality they contain nicotine and other chemicals that are very harmful.  There are many stories in the news about e-cigs blowing up in peoples hands and faces too.  So the lesson was,"don't start using tobacco products!"


FCCLA's next project is to provide Easter baskets for elementary students and we will tell you all about it in next months post.


BCHS FCCLA 2015 January Report


Our Teaching As A Profession class and FCCLA will be hosting a "Girls Night Out" to benefit our senior, Amber Blair.  Amber has been diagnosed with a brain tumor and will be undergoing treatments.  GNO will be Feb. 9 from 6:30-8:30 in room C-14 and the cost is $25 to create a beautiful wreath.  Bring a finger food to share, drinks are provided.  If you or a friend would like to come, please RSVP to space is limited.



BCHS FCCLA 2014 November Report

Hello to all our readers! FCCLA hopes that you have had a wonderful Fall season and are gearing up for the wonderful holiday season. At our October meeting our chapter created small gift bags and filled them with toiletry items, which were delivered to the emergency shelter on Halloween. Along with the gift bags caramel apples were made and given to those staying at the shelter. A shout out to Annie Carol Gautreau and Katie Withrow for helping me make the apples and getting them to the shelter. Also, a big thank you to Cookes's food store for donating the apples and to Mrs.

Shoemaker for getting us lots of toiletries.

Mrs. Kersey's Interior Design class has been very busy creating accessories for a classroom store, The Bear's Trendy Pieces. The store will host an open house on Tuesday November 25, from 11:30 to 2:00, in room C-14.

Everyone is welcome to come shop. Proceeds from the sale will go to our very own, Shawn Williams and his family. Mr. Williams' infant son has Noonan Syndrome and is expected to have heart surgery in early December at Emory.

Wishing everyone Blessings this Thanksgiving and Christmas Season!

BCHS FCCLA 2014 February Report 

What a crazy winter we have had, but the good side is with the time off from school our FCCLA members have been making memories in the snow with friends and family.  We are greatful that everyone is safe after playing in the snow.  Our Child Development classes are planning a special party for our own CDC students for St. Patrick's day.  The classes are excited to spend time with the students and we will let everyone know how the time goes.



BCHS FCCLA 2014 January Report 

Our Interior Design class redesigned the school store and did all the painting. What a great school community project!  Lots of positive comments from staff and students.  Way to go Mrs. Kersey and your design class! Our next meeting is January 28th we are excited to meet many new FCCLA members that are new to FACS this semester.  We are planning some new community service projects for the spring.



BCHS FCCLA 2013 November Report 


At the end of October FCCLA did a few different things to help raise awareness for Breast Cancer. Several of our students were involved in a picture that was in the shape of the cancer symbol then made the picture into a canvas. Another student artistically created another painting for breast cancer and both were taken to the “Volley for a Cure” auction, where the money raised supports the Mary Ellen Locher Foundation. Also, we had Bayley Bishop’s mother, Wendi come and share her personal story of her battle with breast cancer.



BCHS FCCLA 2013 October Report

FCCLA has been selling "Captures on Canvas." These photos are from around our campus in black and white mounted on canvas.  The money raised will go toward various charities. 


During the month of October, FCCLA is supporting breast cancer awareness and the Mary Ellen Locher Foundation.  FCCLA recently had a table at the "Pink Ribbon Bowl" with the canvases and other handmade items by our members. We are also planning to give a canvas to "Volley for a Cure" to be auctioned and the money will support MEL Foundation.


FCCLA's next meeting is October 29th during club time. 


BCHS FCCLA 2013 August Report


My name is Shayla Ward and I will be the reporter of FCCLA for the year 2013-2014. I would first like to welcome everyone to the new school year and wish you the best. Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America or FCCLA is the only organization that has “family” as its main focus. Our goal is to reach out to students and families in our community and we would love for you all to join us in this great experience.

*Anyone who has previously taken or is taking a FACS class is able to join FCCLA.

*REMINDER; We still have 2012-2013 FCCLA T-Shirts on sale for $5.00!!!



BCHS FCCLA 2013 April Report


This month Mrs. Kersey's Interior Design class continue to paint rooms up in the office. Also, we are expecting a meeting here in the next couple weeks on club day. Still much to do within the next few weeks of school!


-Tori Roberts

FCCLA Vice President


BCHS FCCLA 2013 March Report

This month the some FCCLA students prepared for Star Event competition in Knoxville, due to snow the competition was cancelled. So the students will advance to State later next month. Mrs. Kersey's interior design class are doing some projects around campus, such as: painting rooms, and rearranging things in the office. FCCLA had their second meeting today. They made little candy bags for Teacher Appreciation Day. There is a lot coming up here in the next couple months!

-Tori Roberts, FCCLA Vice President


BCHS FCCLA 2012 December Report

In the month of December we had a lot of things going on. Our main project was giving gifts to the kids in the elementary schools who did not qualify for Christmas Memories. The TAP class got a list of less fortunate students from their classes, and they went out and started getting donations. It was very successful.Before Christmas we had our first club meeting after school. We had a few new members join. This month we are starting to get everything ready to go for Star Events coming up in February.We have a lot of work to do for the upcoming weeks. We look forward to seeing how we do!

 -Tori Roberts, FCCLA Vice President

BCHS FCCLA 2012 November Report

FCCLA have recently completed a couple of fundraisers over the last couple weeks. For example: We raised money for the Mary Ellen Locher Foundation by doing a "Sexiest Legs Competition." We had a several guys that volunteered to help out. Also, many students in Mrs. Kersey's and Mrs. Shoemaker's classes made pumpkins, key chains, magnets, etc. for the Pink Ribbon Bowl. All of these fundraisers were very successful. November 13,2012 we had out first meeting after school to discuss where we are at with everything, we discussed star events and other projects that we will be involved with throughout the year, and we also went over the requirements to get the FCCLA chord at graduation. Over the last few weeks the Teaching as a Profession class have been getting things together to try and help out the less fortunate children in their elementary schools this Christmas season. They've put a lot of hard work into this, and there's still much to be done!


                                                                                                                                                                                                           Tori Roberts


FCCLA Vice President                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


Bradley Central High School FCCLA recently met to elect new officers for 2012-2013.

Officers for this school year are:

Shalyn Jones - Senior President

Tori Roberts - Senior Vice President

Ellie Coleman - Junior Secretary

Kristen Davis - Junior Historian

Brooke Smith - Senior Executive Officer


FCCLA February 2012

In the month of February, FCCLA has many things going on. FCCLA members have been staying after school to help bake cupcakes. The cupcakes will be sold for breast cancer awareness and Valentine’s Day. The members also helped put together breast cancer awareness posters and make teacher appreciation Valentines. February 13-17 is FCCLA week. We're having a Caring Place food drive competition between Bradley County Schools and Cleveland City Schools. FCCLA has many more exciting things coming up in March.


FCCLA January 2012

In the month of January, FCCLA students have a lot going on. We have a new Family and Consumer Science video about our program coming soon. FCCLA students are also preparing to compete in star events and we are selling T-shirts as a fundraiser. Our members are looking forward to FCCLA week in February. We have many fun things planned.



BCHS FCCLA November Report 

In the month of November, FCCLA participated in the "Trick or Treat" UNICEF boxes to help raise money for kids helping kids. We had our first November school meeting with over 50 students attending. FCCLA sold cupcakes, handmade items such as blankets, bracelets, scarves, koozies, and bottle cap necklaces at the Pink Ribbon Bowl. We raised over $250 dollars for the MaryEllen Locher Foundation. We held a Breast Cancer Awareness program with guest speakers Wendy Bishop and Kenneth McPhail (both who are breast cancer survivors). Also attending was Mitzi Thompson, a nurse practitioner at Life Circle Women's Health Care. Ms. Thompson gave many helpful tips on ways to get to know your body. FCCLA is having so much fun and can't wait for the upcoming months. 


October 2011 FCCLA report

In the month of October, FCCLA members have been busy, busy, and busy!  We had a meeting on Thursday, October 6, 2011. During the meeting, all of Mrs. Kersey's and Mrs. Shoemaker's  class members helped make items to sell at the Pink Ribbon Bowl booth during the powder puff football game on Thursday, October 6.  We sold $250 dollars' worth of items and donated all of it to MaryEllen Locher Foundation.  We are also making and selling cupcakes around school for Breast Cancer Awareness.  We have many exciting events coming up for all the FCCLA students.  This is going to be a wonderful and amazing school year.