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 OMS Fitness room
OMS Fitness room
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The physical education program has made tremendous advances since the release of the Carol M. White PEP grant in the fall of 2011.  With the monies from the grant we have purchased and trained the physical education teachers in the national known SPARK curriculum.  Thanks to the addition of the grant we have this curriculum now in grades K-12 in our district.  The teachers have also been able to purchase the needed equipment to implement this curriculum into their classes.  The curriculum is designed to include all students and encourage them to move and get into the moderate to vigorous physical activity zone during their assigned p.e. class.  Because of training, the teachers have made great gains within their programs and have praised the curriculum for allowing it to give them many more options of activities in which to teach the physical education standards as set forth by the state of Tennessee.  We are grateful for the opportunity to be on the receiving end of such a great grant that gives the students of Bradley County Schools opportunities to be successful.


Bradley County Schools is excited to continue the PE4Life program in our system.  This nationally recognized program has been made possible through the United Way Bradley Memorial Hospital Endowment Funds and through a partnership with the Bradley/Cleveland Public Education Foundation.  The program is recognized as the concept of providing opportunities for students in phsycial activity that will advance throughout their lifetime.  Our focus in the physcial educaiton class is now to reach every students no matter their skill level and provide them with the knowlege of a variety of activities that they may take with them into adulthood.  We are no longer focusing on the athlete but on every students that walks through the gymnasium doors.  We want to provide them with the best physical education experience possible!



We have now implemented the SPARK curriculum in our physical education programs K-12 in all of our schools.  The p.e. teachers have been trained extensively on how to use this curriculum to insure the best possible physical education experience for all students.  We are proud that all of our schools are SPARK schools since this curriculum is known nation wide for its effectiveness in the education of our children.

Our program also uses the state of the art, FitnessGram, to do testings with cardio respiratory endurance, muscular endurance, muscular strength, and flexibility.  It also includes a measurement of height and weight to help determine your students' BMI (body mass index).  Your student should receive from their p.e. teacher, a copy of their own personal FitnessGram gradecard at the close of the semester or the school year depending on their grade level.

We are proud to say that we have been asked to provide the state of Tennessee and surrounding states with presentations about the accomplishments of our physical education programs and the impact it makes on students both phsycially and academically.