Bradley Central High School CTE Programs of Study

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* This class is a pre-requisite to the other classes.


Program of Study

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources

Veterinary and Animal Science

AgriScience *

Small Animal Care

Large Animal Science

Veterinary Science

Horticulture Science

AgriScience *

Principles of Plant Science and Hydroculture

Greenhouse Management

Landscaping and Turf Management

Power Structures and Technical Systems

AgriScience *

AgMechanics I

Ag Mechanics II Power and Equipment

Ag Mechanics III Biosystems/ Engineering  and/ or  Natural Resources Management (Elective)

Architecture and Construction


Construction Core

Carpentry I

Carpentry II

Entrepreneurship and/or Work Based Learning


Introduction to Welding

Basic Principles of Welding

Advanced Welding Applications- Certification

Entrepreneurship and/or Work Based Learning

Production Design

Computer Aided Drafting I

Principle of Engineering (CAD II)

Advanced Computer Aided Drafting  (CAD III)

Engineering Computers

Arts, A/V Technology, & Communications

Journalism and Broadcasting

Broadcasting I

Broadcasting II RockBand

Broadcasting III

Vox News

Entrepreneurship and/or Work Based Learning

Business Management & Administration

Business Management

Computer Applications*

Accounting I

Advanced Computer Applications II  and/or Business Law

Business Management and/or Work Based Learning

Education and Training

Teaching as a Profession (K-12)

Fundamentals of Education

Teaching as a Profession

Teaching as a Profession Internship




Computer Applications*

Accounting I

Accounting II


Health Science

Therapeutic Clinical Services

Health Science Education *

Medical Therapeutics or Rehab Therapy

Anatomy and Physiology

Clinical Internship

Therapeutic Nursing Services

Health Science Education *

Medical Therapeutics


Anatomy and Physiology

Emergency Services

Health Science Education *

Rehab Therapy or Medical Therapeutics

Anatomy and Physiology


Hospitality and Tourism

Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts I

Culinary Arts II

Culinary Arts III

Entrepreneurship and/or Work Based Learning

Hospitality and Tourism Marketing and Management

Marketing & Management I

Sports and Entertainment Marketing

Travel and Tourism

Entrepreneurship and/or Work Based Learning

Human Services


Principles of Cosmetology

Design Principles of Cosmetology

Chemistry of Cosmetology

Entrepreneurship and/or Work Based Learning

Social Health Services

Foundations of Family and Careers

Child and Lifespan Development

Nutrition Across the Lifespan  (Elective)

Family Studies

(Interior Design: Elective only)

Information Technology

Programming and Software Development

Information Technology Foundations

Computer Systems

Programming and Logic Game

Design I

Programming and Logic II – Game Design II

Networking Systems

Information Technology Foundations

Computer Systems


Cabling and Internetworking

Web Design

Computer Applications*

Web Design Essentials

Advance Computer Applications II

Interactive Multimedia

Law, Public Safety, Corrections, & Security

Law Enforcement Services

Criminal Justice I

Criminal Justice II

Criminal Justice III Investigation

Criminal Justice Work Based Learning and /or Emergency Preparedness (elective) 


Cabinetmaking and Millwork Manufacturing

Introduction to Manufacturing

Cabinetmaking I

Cabinetmaking II

Cabinetmaking III and/or Electromechanical Applications

Machining Technology

Introduction to Machining

(Machining I)

Basic Principles of Machining

(Machining II)

Advanced Machining Applications and Certification (Machining III)

Work Based Learning

Transportation, Distrubution, & Logistic

Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair

Maintenance and Light Repair I

Maintenance and Light Repair II

Maintenance and Light Repair III

 Maintenance and Light Repair IV

Automotive Collision Repair

Transportation Core

Non-Structural Repair

Painting and Refinishing

Estimating and Consumer Service


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